About Us

Most people have fond childhood memories of the smell of freshly baked goods, whether they themselves baked with their parents/grandparents or visited relatives that that loved a piece of home-made cake with a cuppa.

After many years of supplying customers with baked goods, our founder Chikumo realised that many people would love to bake from home, using high quality ingredients whilst also doing their part to help the environment. However, they don’t have the time and/or know-how.

Nyina’s aim to create the next generation of bakers from anywhere in the world, in the most sustainable way possible. Each baking mix can create a two-tier cake or approx. 14 cupcakes with the customers only needing to add eggs and finish off with buttercream. So, whether the bakers are people that want to learn basic baking/decorating skills or they want to enjoy baking with their families but don’t have the time, it will be simple enough for anyone to get real home-made cakes from a simple all in one mix, without compromising on quality or taste.  

At Nyina, we believe that baking should be a treat without the guilt, which is why the baking mixes have been designed to be on average 50% quicker to make than current brands found in supermarkets. Not only does this mean the customer is less likely to waste product, but less energy is used to produce a cake.

There will also be video tutorials and classes to teach bakers how to create anything from a simple cake accompanied by tea to a well decorated birthday cake. As well as the tutorials, there will be videos with tips and knowledge passed on from generations such as what happens when you over-bake or how to use different piping techniques so that all the information needed can be found on one page.