Not only has our packaging changed, we have new products too!

We’re extremely excited to announce that we have new sustainable packaging as well as new products being added to the store!

This month, our customers will see the switch from plastic food packaging to packaging that is either made from recycled products or packaging that is compostable. We are working hard to transition products so that eventually, all products can be recycled or compostable.


As well as our exciting new packaging, we are also launching two new baking mixes and an upgraded selection of our original baking mixes!

Customers can now buy complete baking mix packs which include a sponge mix, sprinkles and icing sugar, meaning all you have to worry about is the baking paper, tins and colour scheme of your cake! These packs are available to buy on the site now for a two or four tier cake.

We are also launching a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie baking mix. The chocolate chip cookie baking mix creates 10-14 medium sized gooey cookies and is perfect as a quick snack or to keep the kids occupied.

The brownie baking mix which creates nine brownies will be available for order by the end of September. Whether you like your brownies, gooey, fudgy or cakey, the mix is perfect for your pallet! 

Nyina Baking Mixes - Vanilla, Chocolate Chip Cookie & Brownie

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